About us

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware Zimbabwe Private Limited trades as Ace Industrial and Champions Industrial and is situated in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

The company was established in 2010 with a focus on quality tools, equipment and consumables for the engineering, mining, manufacturing, automotive, construction, agriculture and petrochemical markets.

Ace Hardware is a direct importer and holds agencies such as:

  • KING TONY Professional Tools, Spanners, Sockets and accessories
  • MICRO-TEC Tools, Garage Equipment and Machinery
  • PINNACLE Welding and PPE
  • DEWALT cordless and corded power tools
  • FERM industrial power tools
  • MASTECH high precision digital measuring Equipment
  • ACCUD precision measuring equipment
  • PRATLEY adhesives
  • ACE-CRAFT including cutting and abrasive discs and sheets, cable ties and tapes, safety spectacles, petroleum handling equipment etc.

In addition to the above, Ace Hardware’s’ large range of product includes: fasteners, locking solutions, adhesives, lubricants, chemical solvents, paints, silicones, brush ware, chains and ropes, cleaning materials, sanitisers and electrical products

Ace Hardware is committed to growing its services and range of quality products according to our customers needs and expectations and is dedicated to customer satisfaction through its internal, financial, administrative, sales and technical staff

Mission Statement

Our mission statement declares who we are as a company, it defines our vision,

The values we apply are without compromise and we hold ourselves accountable to them:

  1. To support our customers by providing quality guaranteed products and service at the best possible price
  2. To strive to achieve world class operational excellence for the benefit of our customers
  3. To be innovative in our products and deeds to evoke passion
  4. To inspire our customers’ through our brands and actions
  5. To have a safe, happy and growth orientated environment for our employees to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally.