Steel Sheet Processing Machine 3 in 1. Round Bending, Folding and
Cutting. Perfect for the Demanding User.


  • Steel sheet processing machine 3 in 1. Round bending, folding and cutting.
  • Perfect for the demanding user
  • Modern structural shape of stable steel structure
  • High design flexibility due to segmented bending rail
  • Segments removable from the folding jaw
  • Operation via two laterally placed levers
  • Long support surface
  • Extractable support arm for safe positioning of large format steel sheets
  • Scissor table with embedded measuring tapes and right-angled stop on both sides
  • Easy to adjust top -, rear and bottom cylinder
  • Large, adjustable and easy to operate lever arms
  • Extractable rear stop and front material support for safe positioning

Round bending

  • Adjusting screws for the material thickness with scaling
  • Ground bending rollers with wire insertion grooves on the bottom and front cylinder


  • High quality folding jaws
  • Holding-down device with spring
  • Folding machine subdivided in segments
  • Segments removable from the folding jaw 40 mm/ 50 mm/65 mm/100 mm/180 mm/255 mm/ 380 mm for folding of cartridges


  • Neat and burr-free cutting by means of top and bottom knife made of quality steel

Technical Specifications

Material width (max.) 700 mm
Round bending (min.) 48 mm
Round bending (max.) unbegrenzt
Steel sheet metal (S235JR) bis 1 mm
Stainless steel bis 0,5 mm
Aluminium/Copper bis 1,5 mm
Brass bis 1 mm
Gold/silver/tin plate bis 1,5 mm
Unwinding cylinders-ø 48 mm
Sheet thickness (max.)
Aluminium/Copper bis 1,5 mm
Steel sheet metal (S235JR) bis 1 mm
Numbers of segments 7
Cutting capacity (max.) bis 1 mm
Net weight 290 kg

Delivery Information

  • Adjustment rear stop
  • Front material support
  • Tool


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