STAINARC E309L-16    3.2MM    5KG

STAINARC E309L-16    3.2MM    5KG

A low carbon, 23% Cr, 12% Ni rutile coated electrodes for welding
corrosion resistant and heat resistant steels of 309 types.

Used on furnace pares, aircraft components, heat exchangers
and chemical processing equipment. Can be
used for welding dissimilar carbon steel to low alloy
steel, welding stainless steel to mild steel and a buffer for
hard-facing applications.

• Conforms to AWS A5.4 E309L-16
• Tensile – 650 MPa, Yield – 450 MPa, Elongation – 30%

Chemical Composition (%)
C 0.03
Mn 1.0
Si 0.75
Cr 23.6
Ni 12.5
S 0.01
P 0.03

Size (mm): 3.2
Welding Current (A): 80-120