ALUWELD 4047    2.4MM    5KG

ALUWELD 4047    2.4MM    5KG

ALUWELD 4047 is a 11-13% silicon filler wire which has a lower
melting point and higher fluidity than 4043, to increase silicon
in weld metal. Should be used with zirconiated tungsten
electrode with pure argon, can be used as oxy-fuel gas welding
with aluminium flux. Application for brazing aluminium sheet,
automotive component, body panel, heat exchangers, etc.

AWS A5.10 ER4047

Chemical Composition (%)
Si 12
Mn 0.12
Mg 0.03
Fe 0.35
Al Bal

Mechanical Properties
Tensile – 130 MPa
Yield – 60 MPa
Elongation – 5%
Melting Point – 570-590°C

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